Why does the hosting server location matter for your website’s SEO

Choosing the right web hosting is very important for any website. Many user want the server on the same location or country where they live or want to host their website. Many peoples are confusing in it because they don’t know the hosting server location matter for the website’s SEO. Yes, it is true, if your hosting server is the same location from where you host your website then you might be getting a very good result on your website’s SEO. Everyone knows about SEO who hosts a website because it is a very basic term and as well important also. If you have done your SEO very well for your website then your website may reach on top quickly otherwise it is also possible you need to wait years. So, SEO helps the most in ranking your website on top of search engine result pages.

Impact of hosting server location on the website

Your website speed matters a lot whenever a visitor opens your website. When a user visits your website then it passes through a route of interconnected networks for the user from its host’s data center known as the internet. To reach the user’s computer, the data is transferred via the fastest and most-efficient path of networks within the internet. While many networks have started using fiber-optic cables that are capable of transferring data at the speed of light (about 3 x 10 ^ 8 m / s). If the data travels with that speed then the user may experience your website is very fast and give them a proper result same their expectations. The location of your website is directly affecting your website speed. Therefore, the closer your data center is to your user then your website loads faster for them.

Some points about website speed

The time that a server takes to receive and process a request from a visitor is known as its latency. In case, your server located to a different country from the user then the latency is increased and affects the page load time. Here some points about website speed are listed below.

  • An only 1-second delay in page load time can lead to a 7% decrease in the conversion rate of your eCommerce website.
  • 40% of users will leave your website after 3 seconds.
  • Firefox research showed that a 2.2-second improvement in page speed would increase conversions by 15%.
  • Amazon calculated that a 1-page slowdown could cost $ 1.6 billion in sales each year.

So, all the points directly say that speed matters a lot to website success. If you want to get a very genuine success from your website then keep the speed of the website in your mind. The answer to hosting server location affect the website’s SEO is yes. But, if you want to overcome it then continue reading.

Choose the correct server location to prevent your website from being negatively affected

If you want to avoid negative affect to the website then follow these points and run a very genuine website.

1.      Choose a server location close to your customer base

If your customer base is in a particular place then it is better for you to choose your server located in the same or as possible as closer to that location. If you have done this then you will get a minimum latency that means that your website will load faster whenever any visitor visitors to your website. The quality of your page load time is also determined by services that your hosting provider provides and your type of web hosting that you choose for your website.

2.      Choose a web hosting provider that offers CDN

A content delivery network is a network of servers located in a strategic geographic location that stores cached content. One of the most important features of CDN is that ensures your website loading time remains the same for your user whatever the location of your user is. This feature reducing the world wide wait. So, if you want that your user will not disappoint from your website load speed then consider that your web hosting provider offers you a CDN.

So, the server location matters a lot for your website or your website’s SEO. If you want to make a very genuine website and want to contain very high traffic then don’t forget to remember the points that help you to avoid negative effects on your website.

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