How to remove Hostgator Favicon?

How to remove Hostgator Favicon

Hostgator comes in the top web hosting provider in the online industry. There is a special thing when you are just going to buy any kind of hosting plan from the Hostgator it will set a default favicon that’s is its sign of blue crocodile which cartoonist.

I know you all are facing problem to set up your own favicon meanwhile you purchase web hosting from Hostgator.

I will illustrate to you step by step how you can proceed to set up this. 6 months ago I also face the same problem as you are facing. So I just thought, why I don’t suggest peoples solve their issue.

You know, every brand in the market has its own reputation and they present themselves by their watermark and icons.

Hostgator is also the same which is count in the biggest brands. So they also mention their favicon on their web hostings.

What is Favicon and what its Role in SEO and branding?

First of all, you have to understand what is the favicon. I know if you are reading this article then you know about it, I have to give complete information to you for the knowledge.

A website always a favicon that will appears on the top of the browsers tab when you open or browse any website.

In the image, you can understand more about it.

In this image you can see on the top amazon favicon a. and you are thinking about why it is important. Why should you set this Favicon?

Three things which can impact able by Favicon


Branding:- It helps to grow your brand more and more. In mobile or laptop on the tap, they noticed your website or brand has the proper things.

Sends Strong Signals to Google:- Its sends strong signals to Google, and according to the SEO, it is a totally necessary thing you have to set first. When Google crawls your website, its first impression is top to bottom to your website.

Help to find in Search Results:- Recently, Google Search SERP also updated, and they show your favicon too in the search results. So it is very helpful to find your website too there. It also impacts a lot on the visitor who visits your website.

Firstly Signup and login in Hostgator web hosting

I have used this term signup because many of you just thinking about purchasing web hosting from Hostgator. They also see the same issue I saw.

Well, Hostgator is going to offer the best discount on web hosting, you can now able to save up to 49% on the Web hosting plans. So, if you are searching for the best plans for hosting? Then you cannot find this kind of deal.

First time visiting on the Hostgator then click on the Get started and if you do not then click on the Login.

If you haven’t an idea what is the size of a favicon then here you go the size.

The Common dimensions should be 16×16 px. It is the Minimum Size You should follow.

  • 16×16 (px)
  • 32×32 (px)
  • 48×48 (px)
  • 64×64 (px)
  • 128×128 (px)

Step by Step How to Update Favicon in Hostgator Web Hosting

If you haven’t still removed the favicon from your website then Hostgator will automatically set its Favicon there. Let’s update your custom website favicon.

  1. Upload your icon in Root Directory:- It is one of the best and easiest techniques I use for the website to set up the favicon too on them. What you should have to do, upload (.ico) File in your root directory (/public_html/). You have to understand one thing, the file should. Ico format otherwise it wouldn’t get updated. Other formats like.Jpeg or.Png cannot proceed with this technique.


  1. Set Favicon in Word Press Theme:- If you are using word press for your website to manage your data in backend then it will really make your work sorted with its easy terms. As to set up a favicon, many WordPress theme will give you the direct options to setup favicon there. Just go in the customize options. You will directly find there a favicon upload option.


  1. WordPress Plugin (All in One Favicon):- Is there also a Word Press plugin available which sot your work easily. You can able to set up Favicon through this Plugin. You can also able to set up the different favicon according to your visitors through this plugin.


Conclusion:- in this article, try to suggest to you what is the importance of a favicon. Also solve the issue if you bought web hosting from Hostgator then how to manage favicon, how to remove it to set up your one.

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