One Dollar Web Hosting

If you want to get live your website online and get reached by people then web hosting is the best tool for this purpose. It is quite costly to get any reliable web hosting but there is some option of 1$ web hosting or near about it. This one-dollar web hosting lets you store your website files, and pieces of information and make them available live on a larger scale. You must know why web hosting is important for websites?

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What Are The Drawbacks of 1 Dollar Web Hosting?

Here is some problem that you may face if you get the $1 web hosting:

  • You may face a Server outage problem if you have an audience of more than a thousand per day.

  • Every cheapest web hosting offers a shared web hosting that makes it hard to keep your website working fast. This creates the problem of poor page performance that slow down the uploading speed of your page.

  • It limitate the option of control on software, because shared hosting gets slow down your hosting server.

  • In one dollar web hosting is more prone to get DDoS attacks and other security problems also.


GoDaddy one dollar web hosting

An affordable web hosting is all you need to get start your website working. GoDaddy is the world’s largest website registrar that offers various types of domains. The 1$ web hosting GoDaddy offers allows you to get this service at a cheaper price. You can easily get your new domain or shift from one to another and save your files on its reliable and fast server. The GoDaddy one dollar web hosting Australia is the discount offer for Australian users. There is GoDaddy one-dollar web hosting offer that let you buy a new domain and cPanel control.  This plan can let you can start your GoDaddy 1 dollar WordPress hosting & GoDaddy one dollar domain.


Hostinger $2.99 Plan

Another most common cheapest web hosting service provider. This also offers a nearby price of $1 web hosting of the fast service which is $2.99 per month. It also includes shared web hosting & website builder & WordPress hosting at an affordable price. A Hostinger cyber monday sale offers a big discount on this web hosting plan.

Hostinger successfully hosted more than 2 million websites which makes it a reliable web hosting provider. This Hostinger nearby 1 dollar web hosting is the best way to get this hosting server up to a month. A suitable way to start your website is by this approximate one dollar web hosting plan.


HostMantis $4.95

HostMantis is one of the best web hosting choices for beginners. It also offers a shared and VPS web hosting at the nearby rate of 1$ web hosting which is $4.95. It offers reliable & VPS web hosting that let you get control over the website and application.

It also supports IPv4 and IPv6 which supports the VPS server. The nearby plan of HostMantis one dollar web hosting helps you to maintain multiple virtual servers. Another cheapest web hosting service that helps many commercial startups by getting their one dollar domain of HostMantis.


HostGator $2.75 Plan

HostGator is a trusted name when it comes to providing secure web hosting which costs $2.75 per month. The amount of around 1 dollar web hosting is enough to get a reliable server. This will help to maintain your website & makes it available online.

This one dollar domain gets you a free one year domain registration free, a website builder for free, and also helps to run your WordPress. This nearby one dollar web hosting is also helpful to get transfer your domain and website and a free SSL certification. All of this can be possible by getting this close to 1$ web hosting of shared hosting package HostGator.


HostArmada $2.99 Plan

HostArmada is another website hoster that comes in a nearby range of $1 web hosting. It is suitable for fast, secure, and shared web hosting that costs $2.99 per month. This has a nearby plan of around 1 dollar web hosting that comes with lightning server speed and reliable security.

It also offers its users a cPanel hosting server, free domain, and website and domain transfer for up to 5 websites. It makes this one of the best options to get a dollar domain. This allows full access to SSL-certified servers for all domains. All of this is included in this approximate one dollar web hosting of HostArmada plan.


BlueHost $2.95 Plan

BlueHost is another name for nearby 1$ web hosting which is $2.95 per month. This offers a basic shared hosting plan in this paid plan. This can manage your domain for free for one year, free SSL certified server, and also make available your WordPress website with a click. Apart from it, this is one of the best ways to get your one dollar domain with its per-month plan of nearby one dollar web hosting. The BlueHost cyber monday sale can let you get this product with a good discount. Check out this BlueHost WordPress hosting review to know more about this hosting provider.

This 1 dollar web hosting makes it easy for you to start your WordPress website in simple steps and free domain for the first year. Its website builder plan is the best for beginners to get started & operate your new website with this web hosting 1$.


GreenGeeks $2.95 Plan

GreenGeeks is one of the appropriate service providers that is considered around 1$ web hosting. This claims to provide a fast, secure, and eco-friendly hosting server. This per-month plan makes this one of the cheapest web hostings which is $2.95 per month. This makes it renowned as a nearby one dollar web hosting service provider.

This allows its users to get free installation and transfer of WordPress and get their free domain for the first year with up to 50GB of webspace. All of it makes it the best chance to get their one dollar domain approximate. 

It is another Woocommerce Hosting plan that is suitable for starting up a new website that offers a free WordPress install, and transfer. It also includes a free domain for the first year and 50GB of web space all of it for one website. All of this comes in the range of close to 1 dollar web hosting service provider.


ServerMania $5 Plan

A professional and dedicated web hosting service provider that is also known as a nearby one dollar web hosting source. This offers a dedicated server that doesn’t get slow down your website server for around $5 per month. The Hybrids servers also make it advanced for maintaining a website which can get at a preferred price. Get your one dollar domain through this nearby 1 dollar web hosting of ServerMania. It can be done with this nearby 1$ web hosting service provider of ServerMania.

inmotion hosting

inmotion $2.29 plan

The inmotion hosting is another way to maintain your website online with a fast, secure, and easy web hosting service. This name comes to around a $1 web hosting service provider. Inmotion hosting service provides endless bandwidth that let access unlimited traffic on your website. A domain registration and website builder costs $2.29 per month.

This makes it one of the web hosting that is nearby one dollar domain provider. A free SSL certificate that keeps safe your website and visitor data safe. You can also install WordPress and other CMS websites with a click by this one dollar web hosting of inmotion hosting.

OVHcloud Hosting

OVHCloud Hosting $3,99 plan

OVHcloud web hosting is the most common choice by every user who wants a secure and fast web hosting server. It is quite a little more expensive than 1 dollar web hosting which is $3.99 per month. This gives you full access to every essential feature that is needed to get started working on a website. It is one of the top 5 cheap VPS hosting providers

Its VPS server is fast and has a space of more than 160GB SSD NVMe and memory of more than 8GB. All of it can be possible by this approximately 1$ web hosting of OVHcloud.


Namecheap $1.88 plan

Namecheap is one of the cheapest web hosting service providers that come on the list of nearby $1 web hosting. This offers a shared hosting per month in this plan and lets you get your domain name, manage your all website, and unlimited SSD space. It has two costs plan which is $1.88 & $2.98 per month. It is one of the best hosting plan providers under $5.

This $1 web hosting plan includes a free website builder. The SSL certificate is also included in this one dollar web hosting service provider. This Namecheap 1 dollar web hosting offers more plans for various purposes to maintain any website.


ChemiCloud $4.48 plan.

Chemicloud web hosting is a well-known web hosting provider that is also on the list of nearby one dollar web hosting providers. It offers shared hosting that manages a single website with free domain resister, domain transfer, and free SSL certification. It comes under $4.48 per month and offers a multi-function hosting service.

These multiple server locations make it available on almost every continent. The 1$ web hosting of Chemicloud per month is the best way to start your WordPress domain. All of these are included in this nearby dollar 1web hosting paid plan of ChemiCloud.


Cloudways $12 plan

Cloudways is just the cloud hosting service that is another web hosting provider. It costs $12 for reliable web & shared hosting per month. This comes on the list of 1 dollar web hosting for providing a shared hosting server that let you get a new domain or transfer one to it. You simply get access to WordPress and maintain it through this web hosting provider. This nearby $1 web hosting plan is enough to start or manage a website and makes it stable online. It is considered one of the best web hosting for beginners, eCommerce, and small businesses.


doteasy $3.75 plan

The doteasy is another quality hosting service provider name in the list of 1$ web hosting. It costs $3.75 affordable amount which is a per-month plan. This per month plan of nearby one dollar web hosting offers cPanel server access to your website. A free setup and transfer of the website with easy WordPress install support and a free email account.

In this nearby 1 dollar web hosting you’ll get facilitated with a free SSL certificate and webspace of enough amount that makes your website work effectively. This plan of around dollar 1 web hosting can get you all of this in doteasy.


HotPapa 43.95 plan

The fast and reliable web hosting provider in the U.S that offers in the range of $1 web hosting. It has a variety of hosting services for starters and small businesses at $3.95 per month. This provides to sustaining a single website for starters and unlimited for business. You can also register your free domain, and free SSL certification to keep your site data safe.

This nearby one dollar web hosting offers you website builder and cPanel control on your website. The free email addresses and free website transfer offers are also included in this 1 dollar web hosting of HostPapa.


Hosting24 $1.95 plan

Hosting24 is the popular cPanel hosting in the U.S as it also comes in the list of 1$ web hosting. It costs $1.95 per month that offers reliable web hosting. This can manage up to 50 websites with 30GB SSD storage and 1TB bandwidth. It is one of the most affordable plans of around 1 dollar web hosting. This also allows you to register a new domain free for one year with free SSL certification. It is also counted as one of the cheapest web hostings per year. This nearby one dollar web hosting lets you get DDos protection with automatics backup.


Justhost $3.95 plan

Justhost is another reliable, fast, and affordable hosting service provider on the list of $1 web hosting. This offers to let you get a free domain, a free website builder, and an option of WordPress install and maintaining tools.

The one dollar web hosting lets you get free marketing tools. A 1 dollar web hosting plan included the function of unmetered bandwidth and webspace of 50GB. It comes at $3.95 per month that offers multi-features of hosting service. It is the best way to get started a website for beginners with this $1 web hosting.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web $13.30 plan

The Liquid Web is another fully managed hosting service provider that offers reliable, fast, and affordable hosting. This costs $13.30 per month for a quality web hosting service. This comes in the list of nearby $1 web hosting providers which let you transfer, and store your website information on its server. It provides protective management of your hostings like network, and security. This nearby one dollar web hosting lets you get this hosting service provider with its advance hosting features.


interServer $2.50 plan.

The interServer is another close to the range of 1$ web hosting service provider. It is a free website builder and lets you transfer your website. An unlimited SSD storage and a free SSL certificate that helps you to keep safe your website data. interServer costs $2.50 per month for a reliable hosting service. The nearby one dollar web hosting is the best way to get start your website on a larger scale.


DreamHost $1.99 plan

The DreamHost is one of the multi-feature hosting service providers amongst the 1$ web hosting names. It allows you to set up a free domain and transfer the website to this server. The one dollar web hosting per month offers free privacy protection on your WordPress website with an advance easy-to-use panel. You can create a website way faster with drag and drop builder & more managing tools. This costs $1.99 per month for shared web hosting and WordPress hosting.

The 1 dollar web hosting of DreamHost has a good quality of shared web hosting with a free domain. The free SSL certification, unlimited bandwidth, and IPv6 support with easy to control your website with its panel.


Here are some of the top 20 cheapest web hosting service providers. All of them come nearby the range of 1$ web hosting that offers almost every hosting feature. These all may get vary in cost plan but all of them can get started a new website and makes it live on a larger scale.